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Heather Riddick

Please meet your Attendee Ambassador, Heather Riddick, a Learning & Performance Consultant with Nationwide Insurance..

Heather will be available in advance of the conference to get you started, on site in San Diego to get you connected, and following the event to help you maintain your conference momentum.


About Heather

Heather Riddick is a Learning & Performance Consultant, who specializes in coaching executives, leaders, and employees into harnessing their individual talents into a competitive advantage.  Using strengths-based development concepts and practical tools she empowers clients to maximize their potential and focus on being who they naturally are. Although Heather’s professional career is on the business side of the Property and Casualty insurance industry, the core of her passion remains rooted in learning and development. She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with over 10 years’ experience leading teams and organizations to successful business outcomes.

Heather knows first-hand what it means to tap into your natural talents. While working in the insurance industry the opportunity to coach others led her on this strengths journey. Thus, she is more engaged, fulfilled, and now devotes her time, helping others learn more about who they uniquely are and how to use it to their advantage. She is a strengths’ evangelist and an inspiring presenter who has a heart for people.

Heather is the creator of “Light Steps” a customizable program (up to eight-weeks) which includes: talent identification, appreciation, and application of his or her exceptional and enduring qualities.
She is a native of the Commonwealth of Virginia and currently resides near Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and dog, Dallas. Heather earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Strayer University and is certified to facilitate team interventions and various leadership training programs.



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