Hands-On Clinics

Grab some lunch and learn by doing in a 3-hour hands-on, interactive session that is included with your 3-Day Conference registration. Space is limited, pre-registration is recommended.

Wednesday, February 1, 12:15- 3:15 pm

C01 Ready to Play: How to Design, Develop and Engage with Games
Dave Goodman Dave Goodman, Director, SoftAssist, Inc
This is a game intensive event. You’ll start by playing a business game two weeks prior to the conference. During the conference, you’ll deconstruct the game and describe how a game is designed from the initial point of engagement through to deployment and active participation. The concepts, constraints, technologies and the possibilities of gaming will be illustrated and practiced. You’ll experience the use of collaborative and social media to capture, convey and communicate shared knowledge of the game and walk away with a game plan to implement in your organization.
BYOD: Bring a laptop.
Be sure to pre-register for this clinic so you are included in the pre-conference game play.

C02 Quick, Sure-Fire, Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating a Corporate Certification
Judith Hale Judith Hale, Author, Performance-Based Certification: How to Design a Valid, Cost-Effective, Defensible

Learn what it takes to certify employees, customers, and aftermarket partners such as dealers, distributors, and on-site customer support staff. You’ll explore six things needed to create defensible, cost-effective certifications, micro-credentials, and digital badges to reduce the cost of service and sales; strengthen brand image; and be more competitive. During this hands-on clinic you will practice using a series of certification development tools specifically designed for corporations.
BYOD: Bring a laptop.

C03 Developing Excellent Facilitation Skills
Michael Wilkinson Michael Wilkinson, Author, The Seven Separators of Facilitation Excellence
Get the skills you need to be an excellent facilitator from a master — Wilkinson is a Certified Master Facilitator and Board member of the International Institute for Facilitation. Practice applying each of the facilitation techniques — the Seven Separators — to facilitate a group in a step-by-step framework.Learn to:

  • Establish and maintain a high energy level.
  • Ask starting questions that draw a vivid image.
  • Employ a full toolkit of follow-up question types.
  • Respect the “power of the pen.”
  • Carry the group through the process.
  • Prevent, detect and resolve dysfunction.
  • Isolate and address sponsor’s key needs.

C04 Leveraging Analytics to Bridge Gaps Between Training and Results measuring tape
Trish Uhl Trish Uhl, CEO, Owl’s Ledge
It’s time to get tenacious about training transfer. Explore how one water utility company leverages learning analytics and training transfer to bridge the gap between training events and improving human performance, using metrics, measures, and milestones to proactively direct outcomes and drive toward future bottom-line results. You’ll:

  • Understand step-by-step how to connect training events to people performance, and people performance to organizational outcomes and bottom-line results.
  • Leverage training data and learning analytics to create laser focused, targeted interventions to get and stay on track in achieving goals and demonstrating measurable value.

C05 Have an App Ready to Publish By the End of This Session
Neal Rowland Neal Rowland, Curriculum Manager, Plex
You have amazing training content. Ever want to turn it into an app? Afraid of coding? No worries. Learn how to build the app with absolutely no coding required. Neal will walk you through the simple steps needed to produce an app using Windows App Studio and a few other optional programs.
BYOD: Bring a laptop.

C06 YouTube for Training: Make and Distribute Videos the Easy Way
Sam Rogers Sam Rogers, Principal Consultant, Snap Synapse LLC
In this hands-on clinic, you will:

  • Configure a YouTube channel from scratch.
  • Upload videos from computer and mobile.
  • Create and edit YouTube Live streaming content.
  • Secure videos or maximize discoverability.
  • Determine the most important video analytics for your organization.
  • Discuss a simple production methodology and put it into practice.

BYOD: Bring a laptop running Google Chrome browser, mobile device running YouTube app, Google/YouTube/Gmail account, and headphones with a built-in microphone.

C07 Releasing Your Inner eLearning Hero with Storyline
Alicia Blitz John Brown Alicia Blitz; John Brown, Senior eLearning Designer/Developer Consultants, Independent
Learn to build unique and engaging interactions using advanced actions in Storyline. We’ll share source files to be used in the activities and the finished sample project. Learn:

  • How to use Variables, States, and Triggers to create advanced interactions.
  • Ways to make the slider interaction in Storyline 2 your new best friend.
  • How controlling multiple layers on the same screen can create an inventive interaction.
  • How to use triggers and variables to simulate a saved state when revisiting a screen (and why you would want to do that).
  • To create a menu screen that enhances navigation and keeps track of the learner’s progress no matter where they are in a course.
  • To use JavaScript to execute advanced actions like: forced completion to an LMS, email generation, and date/time displays using a few simple steps.
BYOD: Bring a laptop running Storyline 1 or 2 or Storyline 360. You may download a complimentary 30-day trial version of Storyline 360 prior to arriving on site here. Session materials and other source files will be available in class on optical drive, USB drive, and via download.

C08 Marketing Your L&D Brand
Heather Drennan Heather Drennan, L&D Senior Analyst, State Farm
During this hands-on session, you will develop an 18-month marketing proposal aimed at improving the visibility of L&D as an essential component of your corporate culture. You will create an L&D Marketing Plan Template and Marketing Messages at a Glance to document the key factors of a comprehensive marketing plan, including learning philosophy, strategic alignment, what needs to be marketed and how, and ways to measure your marketing approach. You’ll:

  • Learn to align the L&D Brand to the company vision, mission and/or strategy.
  • Determine what L&D should/needs to communicate.
  • Complete an 18 month marketing worksheet.

PROJECT: You are encouraged to bring a copy of your company’s vision, mission and/or current key strategic drivers.

C09 High-Impact, Low-Cost Experiential Activities That Engage Any Audience
Sardek Love Sardek Love, Founder, Infinity Consulting and Training Solutions, Inc.
An astonishing 75% of all training is never applied back on the job because participants are disengaged. Let’s stop this epic waste of time, money, and resources by putting an end to boring training! You’ll experience and practice super-simple, time-tested training techniques that will maximize participant engagement and eliminate dull, tiresome training. You’ll receive a Playbook containing the instructions for facilitating the activities as well as access to a portal with videos demonstrating the activities.

C10 Podcasting 101, 201, and 301 Best Tips and Tricks
Rob Walch Rob Walch, VP Podcaster Relations, Libsyn
Get the latest techniques for recording, editing and hosting your podcasts. Explore the hidden secrets behind what works and does not work in iTunes. Discover methods for promoting your work in social media — and learn which marketing techniques are bogus! You’ll learn to create an audio recording, setup podcast hosting and your RSS feed, and know where and how to submit your RSS feed to get your podcast out to the masses.
BYOD: Bring a laptop with the latest version of iTunes and pre-loaded with your favorite audiorecording/ editing software. If you have not used recording/editing software for a Mac, please make sure you have GarageBand installed; for a PC, install Audacity.

C11 ROI by Design Boot Camp
Laura Paramoure Laura Paramoure, CEO, eParamus
Learn how to capitalize on current best practices to create the chain of evidence starting with design. You will walk away with a clear understanding of how to design programs that can be measured, how to measure learning, and how to align learning programs with organizational goals/metrics. Learn to:

  • Identify how to standardize learning design to enable the measurement of learning outcomes and to show how programs impact the learner, the job, and the organization.
  • Convey examples of a measurement methodology being utilized in organizations to create evidence of learning impact and establish accountability for learning results.
  • Recognize the data generated by the learning measurement stages and used for data-driven decisions in organizations.

C12 Micro-Learning in Micro-Time: Developing Impactful Just-in- Time Learning
Shannon Tipton Shannon Tipton, Owner, Learning Rebels, LLC
Get the tools you need to rapidly build your own micro-learning element and leave with a design that is effective, usable, and sustainable. At the end of three hours, you will have:

  • A micro-learning strategy applying the, “what, how, when, and why” of micro-learning.
  • Your own micro-learning design that takes you from inception to implementation.
  • New tools to use that you can customize to your needs (i.e video, self-directed lesson building, live stream recording, social groups etc).

BONUS: You will receive a Micro-Learning Development Workbook, a Content Map Template, and Media Checklists. You will leave with a project plan outline.
BYOD: Laptop or mobile device with smartphone is recommended.

C13 Create Better Instruction in Any Setting Using the Science of LearningBoot Camp
Patti Shank Karen Hyder Patti Shank, Founder, Learning Peaks, LLC; Karen Hyder, Online Event Producer, Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting
Learning content is often difficult to learn and apply. Too much content leading to overloaded memory (and less learning), poorly organized content making it harder to understand and more difficult to use...and the list goes on. The (very) good news is research provides instructional, writing, and information design principles that show us how to make it easier to learn from instructional content. Patti and Karen will show you how to break down these principles into tactics you can use to make your instructional content easier to learn, use, and apply — regardless of your delivery method. In this very hands-on session, you will learn to use TRALM (the tasks and realities of adult learning model); select tactics to help people link to prior knowledge; and identify why the most common myth about remembering is...WRONG.
BYOD: Bring a laptop with a word processing program, and a portion of content you want to work on. Leave with better content!

C14 CANCELED: Photoshop for Online Instructors: Create Visually Stunning Courses
Mark Lassoff Mark Lassoff, Founder, LearnToProgram Media, Inc

Do you want to make striking, clear course visuals, but you struggle with graphic design and software? Attend this clinic and learn to create attractive, effective visuals to complement your courses. You’ll become familiar with Photoshop as a tool for digital design; and you’ll learn some basic rules and techniques that will improve your design greatly — even if you don’t have an “artistic eye.” Learn to:

  • Create compelling slides for inclusion in eLearning courses.
  • Create Lower Thirds that can be used for screencasts or video.
  • Understand how type works and always pick complementary typefaces.

BYOD: Bring a laptop with Photoshop installed (30 Day free trial version is fine).

C15 An Exercise in Motivation with Gamification Design
Monica Cornetti Jonathan Peters Monica Cornetti, CEO, Jonathan Peters, Chief Motivation Officer, Sententia Gamification

Keeping employees engaged isn’t easy — especially in today’s easily distracted and multitasking workforce. And that’s where a solid gamification strategy comes in. Rather than approaching gamification by applying cookie cutter, meaningless game mechanics to a program, learn how use a proven process to create cohesive, challenging, collaborative gamification experiences. In this “can’t miss” session, you’ll learn how simple gamification design concepts, when applied properly, can inspire your employees to take action in ways that matter to your business. You’ll get to try your hand at Proto Persona creator — designed to help you stay focused when creating employee onboarding, learning, and engagement programs.



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