Imagine the Possibilities


Mesmerizing. Riveting. Fascinating. These are the adjectives audiences use to describe performances by this year’s keynote organizations. They leave us scratching our heads, thinking, “How do they do that?” How does Pixar turn squirming three-year-olds into statues for more than an hour? How does Cirque du Soleil train acrobats to fly effortlessly from one end of the stage to another — without a net? How does Greg Gage make one person’s brain control another’s arm? How can our special mystery guest’s hands be quicker than our eyes?

The answer is simple: They engage our minds and hearts and make us think—and learn. They make us retain what we’ve seen or experienced and want to tell others (how many times have you seen a really cool YouTube video and forwarded the link to a friend or colleague?). They convey their passion through their performance and take us along on their journey through compelling storytelling and creativity. Equally important, they aren’t afraid to fail.

These are all lessons training professionals can take to heart. Indeed, even our Training Top 10 Hall of Famers admit to looking outside training for inspiration and innovation. So sit back, relax, and imagine the possibilities for your organization!

Greg GageBrain Teaser

Demonstrating the power of hands-on learning, neuroscientist and Backyard Brains cofounder Greg Gage shows us how understanding the way our brains work can strengthen training reinforcement and retention. Put your thinking cap on!

Apollo RobbinsA Mind-Bending Experience

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. Perception plays a major role in training - both for the trainer and the learner. How perceptive are you? And can you influence the perceptions of others? Apollo Robbins, gentleman thief and deception specialist, showcases the strengths and vulnerabilities of the human mind. In this case, seeing is believing!

Welby AltidorCreative Courage

Creativity isn't reserved to a happy few; it can be found within all of us, argues Welby Altidor, executive creative director for one of the world’s most creative companies, Cirque du Soleil. He shares his concept of “creative courage” — uncovering innovation through engagement, collaboration, and controlled failure —  and how it can apply to, and change, our approach to both training and business. Get ready to stretch! [WATCH: Welby Altidor on how to engage an audience!]

Jay ShusterBehind the Scenes

Jay Shuster has worked on some of the world’s most beloved films, including Cars, WALL•E, and two of the Star Wars movies. Previously a designer for Lucasfilm and now with Pixar, he offers powerful lessons on creativity, collaboration, and innovation while drawing the path of a great idea from genesis to commercial success. It’s time to create a new script!



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