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Training Certification Options

Why Get Certified?

Because Training Matters — both to you as a trainer and to the learners you train! Performance-based certification:

  • Provides validation of your training skills and competence.
  • Is portable—it travels with you from job to job.
  • Bolsters your credibility as a trainer, communicator, collaborator, and critical thinker—within your organization, with your learners, with senior leaders, with your manager, with your peers.
  • Burnishes your personal brand.
  • Boosts your way up the career ladder.
  • Enhances your hireability.
  • Fosters a continuous learning mindset as you maintain your credentials while learning about the newest advances in training.

To help you become certified, Training magazine is partnering with the following organizations:

  CompTIA logo

is the global leader in vendor-neutral IT certifications in skills ranging from IT support to networking and cybersecurity. Attend Curt Valmy's 3-day pre-conference Master Instructional Designer Certificate Program (P02) at the Training 2020 Conference and get prepared to become a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) Instructor. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to design and deliver a 20-minute module at the Conference for assessment (at no additional charge), which you may submit as part of your CTT+ certification.

Questions about this certification? Please see www.comptia.org/certifications/ctt or call (866) 835-8020.
Allen Academy logo

The Allen Academy offers instructor-led training that teaches you how to create, support, and evaluate great learning experiences that make a difference. Attend Ethan Edwards' 2-day pre-conference, Designing Interactivity for eLearning Certificate Program (P07), at the Training 2020 Conference as the first course of the Allen Certified Instructional Professional (ACIP).

Questions about this certification? Please see Allen Academy or call (800) 799-6280. 

     Hale Center logo

Hale Associates Center's mission is to promote workforce readiness, economic equity, social justice, and environmental stewardship through evidence-based credentials such as CDT (Certified Developer of Training & Learning Methods) and CFT (Certified Facilitator of Training). The following sessions at Training 2020 will help you prepare to meet the standards for CDT certification: P01, P03, P07, P15, 109, 114, 116, 203, 213, 215, 412, 511 (search Agenda for descriptions). The following sessions at the Training 2020 will help you prepare to meet the standards for CFT certification: 105, 106, 309, 312, 406, 408, F2, 515, 612, 707, C16 (search Agenda for descriptions). 

Questions about these certifications? Please see Hale Associates Center or call 630.235.0195.

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