FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 2 Orlando, FL

Pre-Conference Jump Start: Ask Us Anything!

Training Experts Here to Help!

Wednesday, February 16 • 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern (online)

You know why training matters but perhaps you’ve got questions about how training can be done better. And maybe you’ve got questions about the conference, too?

Do not miss this special context-setting orientation session with author Saul Carliner and the Training magazine team. Meet other attendees. Learn why training and your work matter. Get answers to your burning questions.


Ask Saul!

The online Jump-Start event kicks off as you challenge Saul Carliner, author of nine research-based books about what works (and doesn’t
work) in training — including the bestselling Training Design Basics and award-winning Informal Learning Basics, An Overview of Training and Development: Why Training Matters, and his most recent: Career Anxiety: Guidance Through Tough Times.
  • Is there a typical trainer?
  • What’s the average trainer salary?
  • How do trainers build trust as professionals?
  • I work internally, I don’t have clients. Right?
  • Which “learning theories” are substantive and which are snake oil?
  • When do you expect trainers to be replaced by AI?
  • With online learning proving itself, why do we need F2F training?
  • Why does my work as a training professional matter?
  • What aspects of training are never coming back post-pandemic?
  • What’s YOUR question?

Ask Training Magazine!

Then the Training magazine team will be available to answer all your conference questions:
  • What should I wear?
  • Am I eligible to attend the Learning Leaders Summit?
  • Where do you find the Conference App?
  • What’s that Sunday kickoff about?
  • Why should I extend my stay for Innovations in Training?
  • What are your Covid precautions?
  • How can I be part of the Training Top 100 so
  • I can attend Monday’s Black-Tie Gala?
  • What types of trainers attend GamiCon? Will it cover serious games for learning?

Ask Your Peers!

Finally, what questions do you have for your training peers?

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