February 13-15 Orlando

Engaging Virtual Production — LIVE with John Chen!

Photo of John Chen and his Engaging Virtual Meetings book coverNew and exclusive at Training 2023! Visit the Expo to observe the master of engaging live virtual production — from the inside out and the outside in! 

John Chen, the engaging virtual producer who literally wrote the book — Engaging Virtual Meetings — helped Training magazine to successfully pivot and transform TWO of its normally in-person conferences into fully virtual conferences. These weeklong, ALL-LIVE events included interactive keynotes, “Dine Arounds,” breakout sessions with facilitators and attendees on camera, and high levels of interaction and engagement throughout.

What happened behind the scenes? Fast forward to Training 2023 where John will show you! He will recreate his unique production studio in the Expo, complete with his 6-screen set up, proper lighting, green screens, audio board, analog props, and most importantly, his knowledge and experience about how to integrate all these ingredients on the fly to produce more interactive and engaging experiences.

Tap into John’s 35 years of digital engagement experience to help raise the bar with your remote meetings and virtual classrooms. Bonus: When you apply what you’ve learned back at work, you will change learner and attendee experiences for the better, too.

John will go “inside out” when he live streams content from Training 2023 to a remote audience — while “outside in” will include bringing remote content to the Expo, too. John will demonstrate various broadcasting tips and best practices that ensure high levels of engagement. Plus, you’ll get to ask all the questions you want after observing him from the audience, stepping into the booth, or even watching a virtual feed!

Learn more about what works and what doesn’t, such as:
  • Preferred tech and equipment and why.
  • Aspects of top-tier technical production for live virtual and remote events.
  • Planning and pre-show production materials and practices.
Nothing is off limits – so don’t miss this special opportunity to up your own virtual production game!

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