February 26-28 • Orlando

Virtual Engagement Lab

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“Live, from my desk!” is a reality for nearly every L&D team, raising the challenge of how to consistently produce and facilitate engaging virtual and hybrid learning experiences. At the Training 2023 Conference, we introduced the first-of-its-kind, best-in-class Virtual Production Studio. This year, we’re changing it up again with the Virtual Engagement Lab.

Here is a peek into the magic that you can expect in this energetic corner of the Expo :VEL image
  • Deeper levels of engagement with each of the featured star facilitators — including Karen Hyder, Mel Chambers, Alistair Lee, John Chen, Kassy LaBorie, Cindy Huggett, and more!
  • Opportunities to try out different virtual platforms.
  • A chance to check out what gear “the experts” are using — plus, guidance on updating and upgrading your own studio gear and equipment.
  • TONS of tips, tricks and methods for getting — and keeping — virtual attendees engaged.
  • Inspiration, knowledge, and tools to enhance your own virtual producer skills!
  • Resources and guides to help your virtual productions back at your own desk.
Make the time to join your peers in the Virtual Engagement Lab at Training 2024. It’s where all of the cool kids will be hanging out!

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