February 26-28 • Orlando

Why Florida?

Training matters—to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. All of us at Training magazine passionately believe in fostering diversity, inclusion, and belonging—and sharing that message and content at all of our Training Magazine Events. We believe it is especially important to bring our message of diversity, inclusion, and belonging to places that don’t foster that mindset; to provide training and communication around it; and to demonstrate understanding and inclusiveness by example. We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment at all of our events, where every attendee feels genuinely valued, respected, celebrated, and safe.

We purposefully chose Walt Disney World as the location for our Training Conference & Expo as it upholds these values, noting:

“Our focus and intent encourages people from every nation, race/ethnicity, belief, gender, sexual identity, disability, and culture to feel respected and valued for their unique contributions to our businesses. It informs our guiding principles and defines our relationship with guests and consumers, who trust and believe in the Disney brand in ways that are meaningful to them. Simply put, diversity and inclusion reminds us all—from Disney fans to employees—that we belong.”

As the famous Disney ride reminds us: It’s a small world after all. Our hope is that we can join together to share and celebrate our differences while also finding common ground in order to learn and collaborate.

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